1988 – 2022

courage meets experience

At the end of the 1980s in Poland, state-owned corporations began the process of transformation and privatisation into commercial companies.

In 1988, Biuro Usług Konsultacyjnych (Bureau of Consultation Services) at Łódzki Oddział Towarzystwa Konsultantów Polskich (Polish Association of Consultants, Division in Łódź), managed by Janusz Grochowski, PhD Eng., established a limited liability company, TKP-Projekt, in partnership with a design office called Miastoprojekt 2.

The next step was the withdrawal of Miastoprojekt 2 from the partnership and the resale of its shares to its employees and the experts at TKP.

1991 – TKP changes its name to TKP-OMNIKON, and the majority of the shares were bought back by its general manager, Janusz Grochowski, over the next few years. Janusz Grochowski, Zofia Wojtczak-Pakowska, and Anna Nowakowska become the major shareholders with more than 90% control.

The Conference of the Danish Council of Consulting is held, promoting the process of transforming the Polish economy into a market system (Łódź, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, and Gdańsk).


Cooperation with the sugar industry begins; the design and commissioning of the vibration fluidized bed dryer/coolers; the construction of a prototype agitator fluidized bed dryer (for the Cukrownia Michałów sugar plant).


The International Dehydration Engineering Conference is held in Krakow.


1998 brings about a breakthrough. The company begins to operate as OMNIKON Sp. z o.o. (an LLC), and its growth peaks.

In the same year, Dr.-Ing. Rafał Grochowski joined the company and became a partner (in 2010).

Cooperation with a Polish chemical engineering corporation, Grupa Azoty begins; delivery of paddle auger dryers, drum dryers, fluidized bed coolers, and dust separating equipment.


The product range is expanded with drum dryers, paddle auger contact dryers, dust separating scrubbers, bag filters, and mass-flow contact cooling towers.


Deliveries of fluidized bed sugar dryers and coolers to foreign destinations (Belarus, Latvia, and Russia) begin.


Deliveries of sand and cullet dryers begin with their installation by French companies in the Saint-Gobain corporate group.


Cooperation with Dryden Aqua Ltd of Scotland begins, and also with Dryden Aqua Distribution AG of Switzerland in 2018.


The company headquarters and R&D laboratory are built.


Operating in this way since 2012, OMNIKON has been a family business with more than 90% of the shares being held by Janusz and Rafał Grochowski.

One year later, Dr.-Ing. Rafał Grochowski took over company management and remains the President of OMNIKON to this day.

The history of the company is a history of the people who have worked there or have done business with it. A special contribution to its growth has come from the cooperating specialists, like professor Zdzisław Pakowski, a world-class expert in dehydration technologies, and Marek Tomalczyk, PhD Eng., the design engineer behind the fluidized bed and vibration fluidized bed dryers and coolers.

Today Omnikon employs 25 specialists, including mechanical designers, structure designers, project managers & process engineers.